Battlecats Aftermarket

All 3000 BattleCats are sold out – to acquire one you will need to visit the secondary market.

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Ever had your NFT portfolio mutated?!

Battlecats is the only project that created unique characters out of your already one-of-a-kind fighting kitties and from your portfolio.

Hand drawn and animated with detailed hand drawn backgrounds from our hometown Cakovec in Croatia. Each NFT was created specifically for its owner by our artists.
Mutated Battlecats are superpowered Battlecats and the elite of BattleCats NFTs.

They will get the most of the earnings $$$ and will participate in closed alpha testing of the game.

The first and only GEN 1 Mutated BattleCats series has only 75 NFTs.

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[rocket_heading_section subtitle=”Battlecats aren’t just like every other NFT on the blockchain…” color=”#ffffff” subtitle_color=”#ffffff”]JOIN THE GANG![/rocket_heading_section]
  • HAND DRAWN and digitally colored, each one with love and great passion
  • UNIQUE, exactly how they should be. No script used
  • SUPER SCARCE – ​only 1450 in series 1, 1080 in series 2 and 470 i series 3
  • CARDANO blockchain exclusive launching
  • CUTE and cuddly cats, but at the same time fearless warriors
  • FIGHTING for territory
  • CHARLES Hoskinson and Cardano fans
  • LAUNCHING in 3 series
  • 3000 TOTAL IN 3 SERIES
  • DEVELOPING PLAY TO EARN GAME with BattleCats NFT implementation

Battle Alliance Team

Battle Alliance is an NFT alliance on the Cardano blockchain hosted by BattleCats team.